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【Brand strength】

Huidol acoustics decoration material co., LTD chengdu previous development in 2002,
Now is a focus on acoustic materials research and development customization and solution of environmental science and technology enterprises.
After 16 years in the growth of offline, has now become the preferred brand building acoustic materials.
With chengdu weifang three major production and processing base in suzhou.
Main production processing and sound-absorbing board, deadening felt,
Suspension keel, glass sound-absorbing cotton, green polyester fiber sound-absorbing board, wooden sound-absorbing panels, wood wool sound-absorbing panels,perforated sound-absorbing board, environmental protection, sound-absorbing cotton, fire sound-absorbing cotton, cloth art is sound-absorbing soft package, wave fiber cloth art is sound-absorbing board,groove wood sound-absorbing panels, eyed sound-absorbing board, damping felt sound insulation, sound-absorbing body of carpets, space sound-absorbing body, diffusion, mat, all kinds of sound insulation shock absorption and noise composite materials and other products...
Series of acoustics decoration materials.
Already provide acoustic solution and materials for tens of thousands of customers!

Chengdu offline experience pavilion is getting ready for the opening

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【Brand mileage】

现在 精彩无线绽放

2014Th 汇多丽公司成立

2002Th 发展于2002年(前身成都市金牛区汇多利建材经营部)

Since 2002,
16 years, will be loyal to the beginner's mind
Precipitation time
We have the same
Our story to be continued...
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